The Unexpected Benefits of Remote Learning for Neurodivergent Students

Learning disruptions have been an unfortunate but all-too-frequent sight during the pandemic. But not every student felt those effects evenly as schools shifted between remote and in-person options. Even under typical circumstances, learners with autism or other neurological differences are often more sensitive to changes in their environments. So given the lingering uncertainties about COVID-19’s … Read more

Forget Critical Race Theory in the Classroom. Kids Are Learning About Race on TikTok.

For some, it’s crucial civic education. For others, it’s “political advocacy” and “anti-American theories.” For plenty of students, though, it’s just history class. This year, at least 26 bills or legally binding public opinions in states across the U.S. have again sought to redefine what is acceptable, fact-based, and ideologically neutral content to teach about … Read more

Where Are the School Librarians? New Study Shows 20 Percent Decline In Past Decade

Even as students are sorting through information online more than ever, the number of school librarians who could help them learn the fundamentals of research and media literacy have been quietly disappearing. A report published today from the School Librarian Investigation: Decline or Evolution? (SLIDE), a research project through Antioch University Seattle and funded by … Read more

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Launches Free Online Reflection Tool for Students and Teachers

Sometimes even small talk can have enormous effects on students’ wellbeing. Giving kids a chance to talk with adults about their lives outside of class can be critical for their social-emotional development. But during the pandemic, online classes didn’t often allow the time for that individual attention. That was the thinking behind Along, a free … Read more

School Is Hard for Mobile Students. These Districts Want to Help.

Being the new kid in school is never easy. Students who move, especially during the middle of the academic year, must adapt to a lot: new classes, new textbooks, even a new social scene. And that kind of disruption can sometimes cause big academic delays. In Chelsea, Mass.—a mostly working-class suburban city just across the … Read more

Some Young Immigrants Work to Support Their Families. Can Schools Support Them?

In January, the COVID-19 pandemic was reaching its apex in the US and quarantine had most people stuck at home. But travel restrictions didn’t stop 18-year-old Geovanni Diaz from logging hundreds of hours in transit. He had to go to work. Diaz is a high school student in Oakland, Calif. He arrived in 2019, from … Read more

Why Summer Learning Programs Are Pushing More Fun Than Academics

The weather may be warming up, but this year more than ever, “school’s out for summer” won’t be true for thousands of students across the country. After more than a year of teaching under quarantine, school districts have big plans for summer learning. It’s a time to bring kids back together in person, try to … Read more