What is a Block Schedule?

Spread the love Block scheduling is a system for scheduling junior high or high school days, usually by replacing the historical scheduling method of six or seven 40-50 minute class periods with class periods that are longer in duration and meet fewer times during the week. For instance, a traditional block schedule class period may … Read more

Three Key Points for Schools Opening In-Person

Spread the love Businesses all over the world are slowly beginning to reopen, but schools and educational institutions face special challenges during this time period. Schools need to carefully plan their reopening strategy before restarting any in-person classes or programs. Here are three key points every school should consider: Symptom Screening If feasible, schools should … Read more

How to Effectively Use Common Planning Time

Spread the love In schools, common planning time refers to any period scheduled during the school day for several educators, or teams of educators, to work on grading and lesson planning. In most cases, common planning time is considered a form of professional development. Its primary purpose is to bring educators together to learn from … Read more

The Edvocate’s Guide to Learning Outcomes

Spread the love Student outcomes denote what learners will know or accomplish once they finish a class or program of study. Learning outcomes are descriptions of the capabilities, skills, and knowledge used to assess learner learning. Learning outcomes should outline what learners possess and show upon completing a learning experience or set of experiences. When … Read more

All About University Endowments

Spread the love If you have ever considered attending a college, you have probably heard of the term ‘university endowment.’ However, do you know what it means? In this article, we will be discussing exactly what endowments are and the different types that you can come across. More so, we will mention how they are … Read more

2022 Best Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Marketing

Spread the love Click here to find out more about the ranking methodology that we used to compile this list. Congratulations! If you represent a college or university that is included in this list, please collect your seal below. Deciding which college to attend can be a daunting task. For many, it will be the most … Read more

How Has the Nature of Kindergarten Changed Since the Era of Accountability?

Spread the love Based on recent studies and reports, experts have identified that the nature of kindergarten has changed significantly since the era of accountability, but how has this change come about?  These recent accounts have suggested that the pressures associated with accountability that we see in older grades have now essentially started to trickle … Read more