Why And How To Use Microlearning To Train Customer-Facing Staff

4 Ways To Apply Microlearning To Your Training Customer-facing employees represent your brand, so it pays to keep them well-equipped. But their busy, fast-paced jobs make taking time out for training difficult. Microlearning is a solution for ensuring you get them the right training at the right time. Training needs vary when you’re talking about … Read more

How To Deliver Product Training Remotely

Best Practices For Remote Training The shift toward remote work and social distancing have made remote training almost the only option for many organizations. When it comes specifically to product training, remote options have a lot to offer. But they also present some unique challenges, especially when you’re training people on the ins and outs … Read more

Why Your Sales Team Needs Competitor Product Training

Making Competitive Analysis Part Of Your Training Product training is a powerful tool in your sales enablement efforts. Getting your teams up to speed on your offerings has obvious benefits. But what about training them on what else is out there? How important competitive analysis is to your sales success? Adding competitor product training to … Read more

Product Training: How To Empower Sales Teams With TalentLMS

Enable Your Salespeople With Product Training If we’re being honest, sales account for a disproportionately large part of your business success, but it’s not just about numbers and revenue. Your sales teams are key to building customer trust and loyalty. Happy customers mean greater brand awareness and business growth. Supporting your salespeople is an investment … Read more

After A Web conference: How To Reinforce Learning

Reinforce Learning With These 5 Tips If you’ve recently conducted a web conference for training purposes, you likely tried to make it as effective as possible. You put time and resources into finding the right content and delivery method. You worked to make the experience engaging. But what about after the web conference? Did you … Read more

9 Tips To Engage Learners Through Web Conferences

How To Deliver An Interactive Web Conference To some, the term “interactive web conference” may seem like an oxymoron. It may bring up images of remote team members staring passively at their screens while a presenter scrolls through slides. It’s only a matter of time before the learners get distracted by side chats, cleaning out … Read more