The Next Wave of Edtech Will Be Very, Very Big — and Global

Braced for the next wave of edtech? It will be big. As in global, corporate big. Combine that with some of the dislocations triggered by COVID and students could be in for some radical changes in the tools that help them learn. The most recent player to step into the edtech spotlight is India’s Byju’s. … Read more

In Unusual Move, Ithaca College President Joins Laurene Powell Jobs’ College Track

What promises did you make to yourself as we collectively struggle to emerge from the shadows of bruising isolation and racial strife of the past 18 months? What I’ve heard from many—and what I’m saying to myself—sounds something like this: Be authentic. Choose impact over prestige. Align our actions with what we really value. So … Read more

What Will College Look Like This Coming September?

Let’s not do that again. Ask any university student, professor or administrator: no one wants to relive the past academic year. But probe a bit deeper, and exactly what they don’t want to repeat differs in subtle but important ways. And that means the challenge for higher ed administrators will be to put together campus … Read more

Picking Your Future ‘Classroom’ Will Shape How Students Learn

What’s the most influential technology in education right now? Or, more to the point, what’s been the bedrock of education since, say, March 2020? Video conferencing platforms. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all vaulted into online conferencing platforms last year when the pandemic sent us home. Without them, most teachers would not have been … Read more

A Shockingly Simple Way to Improve Online School

When Nettie Johnson fired up her first online class for her fifth graders in Topeka, Kansas last March, she knew they were flying by the seat of their pants. She had her laptop and Wi-Fi “but it was really difficult because if I was sharing my screen, I couldn’t really see the kids. So it … Read more