How To Combat The Learner Engagement Challenge By Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

The Learner Engagement Challenge Changes in workplace dynamics, where more employees work from places other than their traditional workplaces, have produced wide-ranging anxiety and distractions in the workforce. Delivering virtual training in such an environment is extremely challenging because it’s difficult to keep remote learners focused and engaged. The result? Increasing rates of disengagement from … Read more

8 Strategies To Integrate Experiential Learning Into Workplace Training Programs

How Most Of The Learning Happens Through Experiential Learning: The 70:20:10 Model In today’s work from home (WFH) environment, the old training models aren’t too effective. You can’t call up a colleague at odd hours to come over to show you how to… Many remote workers are sometimes left to their own devices in figuring … Read more

How To Multiply The Impact Of Videos In Training By Leveraging A Learning And Performance Ecosystem

How Have Videos Become The Most Versatile Format For Delivering Training Due To The Pandemic? As the pandemic unfolded, YouTube noticed that the viewership of its videos exploded by the millions. Trapped at home, people wanted to learn—How to cut hair? How to cook? How to stay fit at home? How to work from home? … Read more

7 Strategies To Support And Drive Self-Directed Learning In The Remote Workplace

Why Don’t The Existing Corporate Training Programs Deliver The Desired Value To Learners? This is on account of inherent shortcomings in which they are structured. Look at the following aspects that clearly highlight how often existing approaches may not be in sync with what learners need and ask for: L&D teams push training to employees … Read more

How To Leverage Social Learning To Support Remote Learning Programs

What Are The Challenges With Existing Workplace Learning Programs? The current “new normal” mobility-restricted work environment has created an evolving dynamic for remote workplace learning. (Although, prior to this, we were already witnessing changes as technological advances have enabled workers to change how they work.) In many organizations, work cycles have moved beyond the traditional … Read more