Thinking Of Changing Careers?

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If you think you chose the wrong path in life but are scared that you are too late to change careers – don’t be! Gone are the days when your working life is defined by the one career choice you made as an adolescent.

There is more opportunity now for people to make a drastic shift in their working lives, whether that be moving from one sector to another or changing careers altogether. 

Why Change Careers? 

In 2019, job index site Indeed surveyed nearly 700 full-time workers in America and found that almost half of them had made a dramatic career change at least once in their working life. Additionally, 65% of those surveyed stressed an interest in making a shift at some point down the line. 

It is certainly the mood of the current working climate – if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, move on to something else. The impetus for many to find a new job is uncovering a new passion they never knew they had or finding a new humanitarian purpose in life. 

Other reasons include striving for better pay, career burnout, a desire to try something different, or being marginalized by job outsourcing.

Things To Think About 

Firstly, if it’s an entirely different line of work you’re switching to, be prepared to enter it as a complete beginner. Even though you may have had years of experience in your other job, this may not translate to your new job, meaning you will need to start from the lower rung of both the workload and the pay scale. 

Be prepared to start taking instructions from someone much younger than you – especially if you’re making the switch in your 40s or 50s. 

The transition phase can be difficult, and you may end up going a while without a hefty paycheck, so make sure you’re fiscally prepared to tide yourself over. 

Making the Switch 

There are several hacks you could apply to your job switching that could make the process easier.

Firstly, check to see if there are any online courses related to your desired line of work that you can enroll in. This could make grasping the basics of the work much more manageable. 

You could do some volunteer work related to the new job to get an early feel for what lies in store. Finally, reach out to people who are already in the sector you wish to switch to and ask them for advice. 

Concluding Thoughts

Today, it’s common for people to change their lives by leaving a job they find unsatisfactory and finding an occupation they are content with. It’s never too late for you to do the same, but be sure to put in plenty of preparation beforehand.

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