How Valuable Is a Computer Science Degree?

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The future is in computers, and it is unlikely that it will ever change. Computer science is continually developing, and every year, more and more jobs become available in the field – so much so that many companies struggle to find enough computer science degree graduates to fill all of the open positions! 

At the surface level, we can consider computer science degrees to be a highly valuable pursuit that can open many job opportunities and prepare you to enter new computer science occupations as they develop. However, for all the pros attached to a computer science degree, there are just as many drawbacks that you should consider – let’s take a closer look! 

What Makes a Computer Science Degree a Good Choice? 

Firstly, this is a job that is in perpetual demand. Given that this is an industry that is continuously adapting and developing, there is an almost infinite number of prospects available to computer science graduates. 

Many of the jobs available will also be high-paying from the get-go, as computer science graduates’ starting salaries rank amongst the highest paying in the entire job market. 

Almost all companies require a level of computer science expertise, so the possibilities are wide-ranging. 

What Makes a Computer Science Degree a Bad Choice? 

You may find this degree a challenging undertaking if you struggle with complicated mathematical problem-solving. For all of the benefits this degree has, it may not be for everyone. 

Computer science degrees can also be excessive in comparison to other majors. There are ways around this, such as through online degrees or coding boot camps, but overall, if you want a top-paying job, you’ll have to earn a degree and incur a large bill for it. 

Lastly, many colleges cannot accommodate the massive increase in those majoring in computer science, and you may find your class to be overpopulated or the facilities to be lacking. 

Computer Science Job Demand and Salary 

Given that most companies will require some form of computer science expert on their team, you can rest assured that jobs in the field can be found in all areas of the job market. For this reason, it can be a particular niche area in the company’s employment space that could result in you finding a job that offers an exceptionally high starting wage. 

The demand for data scientists is set to increase 16% by 2028, whereas the demand for software development is set to grow 21% by the same year. The median salary for computer science graduates is $88,000. 

Concluding Thoughts

The job demand for computer scientists will remain high in the coming decades, but be sure that you have what it takes before enrolling in a computer science course.

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