Should You Hire an SAT or ACT Tutor?

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Hiring a test prep tutor might just be the best investment you can make toward a college education. It may seem like a large investment, but the return you receive on the investment can be astronomical.

Consider this:

  • You pay $100 an hour for 5 hours for a test prep tutor = $500
  • Your student scores as well or better than the state index and qualifies as a National Merit semi-finalist
  • Colleges who have money set aside for the finalists will use merit aid to entice your student to attend: full tuition, room and board, books and fees, laptops, study abroad and even spending money.
  • Your student receives a full-ride scholarship for thousands of dollars

That’s quite a payoff!

Even if your student doesn’t qualify as a National Merit semi-finalist, tutoring will help improve his SAT score, which will result in more merit aid awards from the colleges. This means free money that won’t have to be borrowed or repaid after graduation.

Ultimately, a good one on one tutor will help your child target strengths and weaknesses, alleviate stress, promote motivation and provide test taking and study abilities they can utilize later in life. A good tutor will strengthen the pathway to your child’s college career. A tutor will have a view of the “bigger picture” and help your student measure progress. Progress spurs motivation and improves accountability.

Spending hundreds of dollars on an effective, well-chosen tutor will certainly improve your student’s standardized test scores. Improved scores will not only improve your student’s chances of acceptance, but it will also improve your student’s chances of receiving merit scholarship awards from the colleges offering admission.

Before you hire a tutor, evaluate the benefits and the expected outcome. A small investment could reap huge financial rewards.

Need help finding a reputable tutor? Check with your high school counselor. Ask other parents. Ask in Facebook Groups. My recommendation? Jenn Cohen.

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