Terms To Know When Your Child Finds It Difficult To Read

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The concepts and terms you come across while exploring why your child has difficulty reading may be a little challenging to understand. Next, we are going to discuss some terms that will help you understand the crux of your child’s reading problem.


Decoding is one of the many integral skills involved in reading. The main focus of this process is to match sounds with the subsequent letter of those sounds. It also involves using these sounds to eventually produce a word. Words that are unknown to your child are simpler to sound out or interpret using this method.

Star Words

Children can recognize some words without needing to sound them out. These words are known as star words or sight words. However, some words typically cannot be sounded out, so the child should learn how to read those words without sounding them out. 

Intervention and Evaluation

Typically, many schools have programs or structured steps to help children develop skills that they lack. In simpler words, this is called intervention. 

With intervention, different levels or tiers are used to aid with the amount of help needed. The school may call this instructional intervention, academic intervention, or classroom intervention.

Schools consider it their responsibility to test a child if they think the child’s reading skills or any other skills are not where they should be. This is known as evaluation

Schools usually provide these evaluations for your children at no cost. Based on the results, the child might be able to receive special support and instructions for reading.


This is one of the numerous approaches that have been developed to help children who struggle with reading. Multisensory techniques play a huge role in this procedure. 

These multisensory techniques aid with developing better reading skills. This technique follows a complete and proper structure, and a reader using this approach gradually develops their skills. 

Overall, Orton-Gillingham is a fundamental procedure for many reading programs and has proven instrumental in developing reading skills in children. 

Concluding Thoughts

It may be stressful for parents with a child who has problems with reading. However, knowing certain terms and definitions can help parents better understand the situation and help their children improve their reading skills. 

There are several methods that parents can use to do this. Getting advice from an expert about which books to read is always recommended, and using multisensory techniques at home can also prove to be an excellent remedy.

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