Requesting an Early Intervention Evaluation

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You might want an expert to intervene in your small child’s development if you notice that they may be falling behind compared to other kids of the same age. Children diagnosed at birth with an illness or serious condition can usually get an intervention quite quickly. 

Some children will need an early intervention evaluation. Abnormal development can lead to problems for your child when they communicate with other children. Here is how to address that problem.

Form a List Of Questions

The first step to start the evaluation process is to make a list of your concerns. An example of a concern would be whether it is ok if a child has not started talking at the age that a child typically starts speaking. Another example could be questions about why the child is unable to roll over on its own. 

To form this list, determine a child’s typical developmental milestones as they reach a specific age. For example, if your child is two years old, be sure to read about how a typical two-year-old would behave

Contact Your Health Care Provider

After forming the list, follow up with the expert who does routine checkups on your child. This could be a nurse at a hospital or a clinic or even a doctor.

These people are professionals, and they can deduce what is typical and what is not. After this, the doctor or nurse can provide a referral for a specific individual who will evaluate your child. 

People with no health care can look into insurance options that will put less of a burden on their budget.

Talk To Your State’s Early Intervention Center

Every state has early intervention centers for children and babies. The referral mentioned above may be to one of these state centers. If you are not provided with the information of the center, reach out and contact the center yourself. 

Some states’ early intervention center websites may be very tricky to navigate. It might become a little frustrating, but do not give up. Try to figure out who to talk to. Eventually, you will be rewarded for your patience. Be patient when you dial the center’s number and find a way to speak to an expert who can help you out.

Concluding Thoughts

An early intervention evaluation is a very beneficial process. It usually tends to be very low-cost or free. Requesting it can be a challenge, but following the steps above can simplify the process.

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