Providing Accommodations For Gifted Kids

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Very few people are equipped to meet gifted kids’ needs, making parenthood for gifted children a challenge. That is because gifted kids learn and think differently, making them difficult to accommodate with standard practices.

Let’s take a look at ways to accommodate gifted children in a way that makes it easier for them and the parents.

Twice Exceptional Children

This is when the children are both gifted and have a disability, requiring double the effort to stimulate and accommodate. Educators use a special name to describe these gifted children and distinguish them from other types of disabilities.

There are a number of these cases in which a child in a low grade can read at a 12th-grade level. At the same time, that child struggles with spelling words and has difficulties writing at their current age level.

It could be that a child writes perfectly but can not tie their shoelaces until they are much older than a normal kid learns to tie their shoelaces. These are some example scenarios you may encounter with these gifted children who are slow at some things but good with others.

Solutions To Accommodate Them

In many cases, those gifted children will be more advanced in different fields than normal children, which will frustrate them. On the other hand, their disability, such as struggling with social skills, may cause a lot of friction in the classroom for them and their peers.

Often, these children are placed in a self-contained class so that they can be in an environment that is better for them. As soon as they start to develop the other skills that they are not that good with, they can be placed in normal classes again.

GT classes are another environment in which your child can be placed with children closer to their intellectual status. Some children may prefer not to be placed in gifted and talented classes because of the increased pressure it will place on them.

The Best Solution

The best solution for these gifted children will be for the parent to be proactive and inform the teachers about their special abilities. They should work together with the child and try to work out a way to accommodate this child the best way possible.

GT classes may not always be the best place to start with, so special attention and classes may be required to stimulate them. These special children do not learn in the same way, so there is no specific program that you can follow.

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, it will not always be easy to accommodate a gifted child, but there will always be a solution available. This may require the child to be placed in higher-level classes to accommodate their special gifts.

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