2022 Best Online Master’s in Social Studies Education

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Deciding which college to attend can be a daunting task. For many, it will be the most important decision that they make in their lives. To make an informed decision, you have to consider a lot of variables, such as cost of attendance, financial aid, student/teacher ratio, academics, student life, and more. These factors will either positively or negatively impact the quality of education that you receive.

Do you want to acquire an online master’s degree in social studies education, but don’t know what institution you should attend? Well, if you are as ambitious as I was in my late teens, then you want to attend a top school, instead of an average or mediocre one. As luck would have it, we have already done the legwork for you. To help you find the right school for your interests and goals, we’ve compiled a list of 2022’s best online master’s in social studies education programs.

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  1. Pennsylvania State University – World Campus, University Park, PA

The institution’s masters of education in coursework and instruction with an emphasis in social studies is intended to give learners a well-rounded education while allowing them to work on a focused degree.

Penn State’s online degree program incorporates instructor commentary, assigned readings, audio-visual media clips, and interactive activities. Classes cover subjects such as public history and heritage studies, sustainability and ecology issues, and community engagement and the learner’s voice. The 30-credit online master’s in social studies education consists of 10 classes, and most learners receive their degree in two years; some may finish the degree program in as little as 15 months.

On average, candidates have at least one year of teaching experience before entering the degree program, although experience is not required. Prospective learners must submit GRE and MAT scores, along with a resume, writing sample, and statement of purpose.

  1. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

With research and professional development, the University of Missouri–Columbia’s College of Education has been improving educators’ and learners’ quality of life since 1867. Mizzou’s master’s in social studies education is intended to advance the knowledge and practice of teaching social studies via its rigorous, holistic coursework. Serving over 1,300 graduate learners in the past year, social studies education at Mizzou remains at the forefront of essential discussions concerning the future of teachers and scholars. Requiring 32 credit hours, the master’s in social studies education online coursework investigates instructional methods and coursework development via the lens of social science instruction. A 3.0 GPA is required in the last 60 hours of the appropriate bachelor’s degree.

  1. New York University, New York, NY

New York University’s online masters of arts in teaching social studies to grades seven through 12 brings the university’s cutting-edge outlook to learners nationwide, using advanced technologies and intensive, research-based coursework to prepare distance learners for careers in teaching. NYU’s master’s in social studies education online comprises 30 hours of classwork, which is split into preparation, foundation, active practice, and peak teaching modules. Twenty-four credits of intense classwork introduce the fundamentals of coursework planning and development, along with holistic strategies for working with special needs learners. Presented in a cohort learning format, the degree program takes a year to finish. Graduates may then work on a full-time paid residency in one of many high-need urban schools across the country.

Candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree with an undergraduate GPA of a 3.0 and should have previously finished 24 semester hours of coursework covering world and American history and geography. Prospective learners may submit GRE or MAT scores, although there is no mandated score required for admission. Prior teaching experience is not required.

  1. University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

The University at Buffalo’s blended master of education in social studies develops confident professors who are skilled at managing dynamic learning environments and building holistic curricula. Comprised of 33 credits, the master’s in social studies education can be finished in four to five semesters. On-campus classes are held in day and evening sessions. Major classwork stresses literacy acquisition and contemporary research in social studies; learners may fulfill the 12-credit elective prerequisite via classes in areas ranging from Asian studies to political science. Along with 115 hours of field experience, degree candidates spend one full semester student teaching in a local institution.

Candidates are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in history or one of the social sciences, with at least 21 finished credits of history or geography classwork. They should have finished at least one political science class and one class in economics as an undergraduate. Along with unofficial transcripts, candidates to the online master’s in social studies education degree program should submit their official GRE scores and proof of teaching licensure.

  1. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Learners all over the country can receive their MEd in one of four focused areas without setting foot on campus. Emphasizing research skills and foundational theory, the masters of education with a concentration in secondary social studies education degree program is presented in a fully online, self-paced format intended for working adults who have previously earned an Instructional I teaching certificate.

The 36-credit master’s in social studies education coursework is split into six academic areas: social studies-specific pedagogy, psychological perspectives on education, social and cultural perspectives on education, a research seminar, research methods, and electives. Most of the degree program is spent examining concepts in social studies-specific pedagogy, such as issues in history education and historiography, international citizenship, and comparative and international perspectives on education. Before graduation, learners must pass a holistic written exam.

Along with a teaching certificate, candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree in social studies or related social science or have finished a substantial amount of social studies-related classwork as an undergraduate.

  1. University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO

CU’s secondary master of arts and science licensure degree program enables candidates with a bachelor’s degree in any liberal arts field to work on a master’s in social studies education. Requiring 44 to 45 credit hours, program requirements are split into content, cumulative, and education categories, and all content classwork must be finished before the start of the second fall semester. Licensure candidates must sustain a 3.0 GPA in all three fields. The degree program culminates in a student teaching experience, in which learners apprentice in a local secondary school.

Along with a bachelor’s degree from a sanctioned institution and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0, candidates must hold a valid teaching license.

  1. University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY

The University of the Cumberlands champions intellectual and spiritual growth, encouraging learners in the pursuit of leadership and service along with education. This Baptist institution has a convenient, web-based MAT in middle school and secondary education in social studies degree program for current and potential teachers nationwide. Along with state licensure, UC’s online master’s in social studies education offers the foundational knowledge and experience required to lead in the classroom effectively.

Presented in a cooperative online environment, the degree program couples web-based classwork with hands-on field experience. Classes address concepts in classroom management, instructional design, and special and secondary education. While distance learners may receive their master’s in social studies education from any location, the degree program places a strong emphasis on experiential learning, and learners must finish a period of supervised student teaching at a local institution. On average, most learners receive their master’s in social studies education in around 18 months.

Graduates living in Kentucky may seek licensure via the Education Professional Standards Board.

Candidates may transfer a maximum of nine hours toward the masters of social studies education degree program. They should hold a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least 2.75 or 3.0 in the final 30 hours of undergraduate classwork, along with  GRE or the Praxis CASE scores. Those specializing in secondary or all-grade instruction should have finished at least 30 credit hours, or a major, in their desired area of emphasis.

  1. SUNY College at Brockport, Brockport, NY

Part of the legendary State University of New York system, SUNY College at Brockport has more than 50 graduate programs, including a master of science in education—adolescence social studies that can be finished online. Coursework investigates the roles of diversity and democracy in education while developing foundational skills in research, assessment, and critical thinking.

Designed for learners who are either pursuing or currently hold an NY teaching certificate in social studies grades 7–12, the 30-credit degree program contains five major classes and four graduate-level history classes of the learner’s choosing. Classes address current issues in social studies, educational assessment and evaluation, and diversity in education. Before graduation, learners must finish training mandated by the Dignity for All Learners Act.

  1. Concordia University–Portland, Portland, OR

Concordia University–Portland’s MEd in coursework and instruction—social studies K-14-degree program encourages the development of an energized classroom environment, in which professors demonstrate the power of critical thinking. Offered online, Concordia’s degree program stresses diversity, clear comprehension of moral leadership, the capacity to identify and adjust to various classroom environments, and effective coursework development methodologies. Over 30 credit hours, learners earning a master’s in social studies education investigate character-building coursework plans, contemporary educational thought, and major concepts in teaching and learning. Learners must take one educational research class.

Although the degree program does not lead to state licensure, those who hold a master’s in social studies education may look forward to potential salary increases and more career opportunities.

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