Careers That Will Make You Consider Going Back To School

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We are often forced to make crucial decisions at a very young age. For example, students feel pressure to decide what career they want to go into straight after finishing high school. For this reason, many people end up in jobs that they do not actually feel passionate about.

When this happens, some of us seriously consider going back to school to follow a new career path. In this article, we will be discussing four incredible jobs that are becoming more and more popular. 

IT Specialist

Technology is becoming one of the most influential and essential aspects of everyday life. For this reason, it makes sense that becoming an IT specialist is an excellent career path to follow. 

It is estimated that IT jobs will grow by up to 12% between 2018 to 2028. To put this in perspective, this would make it the fastest growing industry globally, with the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. More so, the high demand leads to a very high income, meaning that you are likely to earn an outstanding amount of money by becoming an IT specialist. 

Registered Nurse

The world is always looking for more medical staff. Like with IT, it is estimated that the number of nurses will increase by 12% between 2018 and 2028. On top of this, registered nurses earn a substantial amount of money, with the average annual wage lying just over $73,000. 

If you obtain your nursing degree, you will be met with hundreds of thousands of job opportunities. For this reason, it will definitely be worth going back to school to pursue a career in this field. 

Marketing Manager

One job that will never dwindle in importance is that of a marketing manager. In short, these business people use their specific skill set to improve customer relations, the use of management software, digital advertising, and media technologies. More so, this career field is growing rapidly – in fact, it is estimated that the number of jobs will increase by just over 8% between 2018 and 2028. 

Customer Success Manager

The role of a customer success manager is relatively new. However, this position is listed to be one of the most promising in the world, making it a brilliant career move. These business people are essentially responsible for sales – with that being said, the job varies based on the business’s requirements. 

Concluding Thoughts

Many find themselves working jobs that they do not actually enjoy. Going back to school to obtain a degree in a new field is an excellent idea for these people. A few of the most promising jobs include an IT specialist, nurse, marketing manager, and customer success manager.

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