Debate Topics for 2022-2023

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Are you a teacher who is looking for debate topics for 2022 to use with your students? Well, look no further because we have a list of topics that you can use in your classroom today.

  • Education is becoming costlier, but the quality is not improving.
  • Kids and teens in poor neighborhoods should be given free education.
  • The rise of augmented reality in Hollywood and its results.
  • Video games are promoting violence and sexism.
  • Google is transforming into an online police force
  • Orwell’s novel 1984 is becoming a reality. Discuss and explain with examples.
  • Dating in the workplace should be banned.
  • Guardians should monitor their children’s computer and phone use.
  • Racial profiling is a form of discrimination.
  • Reasons for drug abuse in high school and college-going kids.
  • Values or wealth? Which one is necessary to survive?
  • There is no third gender.
  • Homosexual relationships are against nature.
  • Do drug addicts need punishment?
  • Parental support is paramount for the future success of kids.
  • Tech makes people smarter. How?
  • How can all cars become electric?
  • A robot can help people’s quality of life.
  • Discuss the recent development in the tech field.
  • The public electoral college should be tuition-free.
  • All educators should get tenure.
  • All districts should offer school vouchers.
  • The purchasing of human organs should never be legal.
  • Birth control should be available for purchase over the counter.
  • Net neutrality should be restored.
  • Alternative energy can replace fossil fuels.
  • Cell phone radiation is dangerous.
  • Euthanasia should be illegal.
  • Vaping should be illegal.
  • High school athletes should be drug tested.
  • How should parents deal with a bad report card?
  • Our privacy is more sacred than national security.
  • Why is football so dangerous for teenagers?
  • Should schools offer academic bonuses?
  • Do kids need recess?
  • How do we stop cyberbullying?
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