Controversial Debate Topics

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Controversy is one thing that often divides us, but it all makes for great debate topics. Are you a teacher who is looking for controversial debate topics to use with your students? Well, look no further because we have a list of topics that you can use in your classroom today.

  • Alcohol should not be available for sale on weekends.
  • Pharmacists should be allowed to prescribe medicines.
  • Animal testing should be illegal.
  • Public speaking boosts the confidence of learners.
  • Kids should play video games.
  • Beauty pageants are setting unattainable standards in society.
  • Obesity in kids is increasing because of parents’ lack of control over their kids.
  • Kids should be allowed to use gadgets.
  • There should be advertisements on kids’ channels.
  • People should be fined comparable to their income.
  • Police should be allowed to use force.
  • Are men stronger than women?
  • Obese people should pay a premium for healthcare.
  • Healthcare should not be free for everyone.
  • Rich people should pay more taxes.
  • Women should be paid less than men,
  • Wars are never justified.
  • Marriage is no longer necessary.
  • Celebrities should earn less
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