How To Get A Job At Amazon After College: 5 Simple Tips

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As a college student, you may have brought several things from Amazon, ranging right from designer watches to books. However, Amazon is not only an e-commerce platform; it is a tech giant with a huge workforce offering several services such as those related to digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

With its centers across the globe, Amazon comes up with several employment opportunities. It is one of the most preferred employers for its strong work culture and diverse growth opportunities, even for freshers. Thus, it is not surprising to have thousands of candidates competing for different available positions.

That said; do not feel intimidated! This is because, with some research and preparation, it is easy to present yourself as an ideal candidate for a specific job at this great company. Here are some tips for you to prepare yourself for the same:

Know What you Want to Do

This seems to be simple. However, there are thousands of Amazon jobs, and it is vital to know which one you want to apply for. Just because you have some degree and are expecting a role accordingly does not necessarily mean that you will find the exact role.

Thus, do not think about what you should do; figure out what you want to do. You may be eligible for some other positions that you may not be considering.

Go through a Recommendation

The first step to acquiring a job is to fill out an application, which Amazon offers on its website. You can find various Amazon openings at reputable job sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. However, its hiring process is quite competitive, as it gets thousands of applications just for one position.

Thus, the key to increase your visibility is to stand out. The best way to do so is by applying via a recommendation from an existing Amazon employee. If someone internally in the company refers you for the role, you are likely to get a call from a recruiter in just a couple of days.

Prepare for the Amazon Assessment Test

The typical hiring procedure starts with a phone interview, which is then followed by an online assessment. For a fresher, this simply means to prepare in advance! Amazon has two types of assessments, namely work sample simulations and work style assessments. The kind of assessment you will get is likely to depend on the probable job position.

The work style assessments are focused on the brand’s leadership principles and work culture. You take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete. You can expect questions asking you to select the extent to which a given statement signifies your style of work.

In case of work sample simulations, you will be asked to finish virtual tasks for which 20 to 60 minutes may be required. Here, you may be asked to decide according to the leadership principles and demonstrate problem-solving skills.

Just do not spend much time on any question and read the instructions well before starting.

Become Familiar with the Leadership Principles

This is essential for passing the Amazon Online Assessment Test. Even the interview questions are related to one or more of these principles. Focus on the context to find out which principle the interviewer wants you to focus on and then answer accordingly.

There are 12 leadership principles for you to know, ranging right from ownership to customer obsession and from learning and be curious to think big and earn trust. For any job, it is imperative to prepare and demonstrate how you will fit into the brand’s core values and culture.

Know the Amazon’s Way of Interviewing

Amazon follows behavioral-based interviewing, which means you are likely to face questions whose answers will describe your behavior. According to the interviewees, the best way to respond and impress an Amazon recruiter is the STAR method, regardless of the questions being asked.

Regarded as an organized way of replying to behavioral-based questions, STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. First, you explain the situation in which you were there, followed by the task to be completed and actions taken to complete it. Finally, you reveal the results you got.

For instance, a hiring manager may ask, “When did you commit a mistake or take a risk, how did you respond, and what did you learn from that experience?” Here, the STAR method will help you give an organized answer.


These tips are likely to boost your candidature for a job at Amazon. Which one will you follow?

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