Support Families & Help Students Build Confidence this Summer

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Parents and caregivers have a huge influence on their student’s lives. With all of the challenges students have faced over the last year, the collective efforts of teachers and parents will be necessary to ensure student success. Help families easily integrate lessons on self-esteem and body confidence with family resources from Amazing Me. Developed in partnership with the Dove Self-Esteem Project, this program delivered social emotional learning (SEL), health and confidence-building resources for students in grades 4-5.

The collection of family activities are easy to access, all digital and easy to integrate into you students’ summer adventures! Read below for a few of our favorite Amazing Me resources for families.

Positive Affirmations: In this activity, each member of the family will leave positive messages for other family members to see each morning. Families will then meet to discuss how seeing the daily messages affected their feelings or mood for the rest of the day.

Appreciating Our Bodies: In this activi‰ty, families will create signs of positive body affirmations to hang around the home to help each member feel comfortable and confident in their own body.

Body Talk in the Home: In this activity, parents will read a Body Talk Handout which discusses how adults’ language about their own bodies can affect their children. Each family member will create a list of things that they love about their physical appearance and share their ideas.

A Plan to Stay Positive: In this activity, families will identify norms – traditions or situations where they are expected to “conform” or “fit in” by looking a certain way. Families will recognize a positive trait or characteristic about someone else and make a plan for recognizing these traits more often.

Embracing Our Differences:In this activity, families will read aloud a series of quotes by different authors and historical figures. Families will discuss who each person was and how their background informed their perspective and helped them embrace diversity.

My Body Can…: In this activity, families will discuss all of the things that their bodies allow them to do. Family members will collect images, words, or pictures to describe the things that their bodies allow them to do and create collages.
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