Does Your Student Need Tutoring Outside the Classroom?

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As parents, we all want the best for our children’s education. That’s why we often spend a fair amount of time selecting the right school based on everything from school table ratings to student testimonials. Yet, after these initial attempts to get schooling right, it’s surprising how many parents sit back and assume that their children will go on to flourish. 

Unfortunately, as many parents go on to realise, not all children are created equal – a school situation that’s ideal for one could well hold another very much at the back of the class. In this respect, it doesn’t matter how highly rated or competitive your school of choice; the chances are that outside help from an English tutor or similar would still benefit your child. Far from being a sign that you made the wrong schooling choice, this is simply a testament to the different ways in which children learn and can fast help your child get back on track if you act quickly. 

Here, we’re going to help you do just that by considering a few of the most obvious signs that your child could benefit from outside assistance like this. 

They’re falling behind

Falling behind either on workload or grades is a sure sign that your child isn’t receiving the one-to-one support that they need to flourish. If left unchecked, this can pile increasing pressure onto your child’s shoulders and, in extreme cases, could see them losing entire terms of learning. A tutor can make sure this doesn’t happen by working closely with your child to understand the reason for these setbacks, and to start building solutions around them. 

They’re hiding reports or grades

If children are doing well at school, they’re always happy to share things like report cards and grades. As such, secretive behaviour surrounding these key educational indicators is a sure sign that your child’s grades aren’t where they would like them to be. In this instance, help outside of school is the best option for providing a much-needed boost, bringing bad grades out in the open, and offering proactive plans to bring them back up to a healthier level.  

They’re losing confidence

Speaking of providing a boost – a real or imagined lack of support in the classroom can also drastically impact your child’s confidence, leaving them reluctant to complete work and preventing them from reaching their full potential. Ultimately, this is what tutoring is all about – not only picking up on problem areas but also highlighting your child’s skills and offering the personalised encouragement needed to offset learning anxiety that could otherwise lead to delays. This support simply isn’t always possible in a crowded classroom, but a tutor or other outside support network can definitely fill that need.

Admitting that our children are struggling is never pleasant, but the benefits of extra tuition or help outside of the classroom speak for themselves. If you notice any of these warning signs, or even if you simply think a few extra lessons could help, then you certainly shouldn’t hesitate to get your child’s name on the list.

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