Step-By-Step Guide to Essay Writing

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There is a lot of similarity between writing essays and making hamburgers. You can consider the introduction as the top part of the hamburger and the conclusion, its base. The points you discuss in your essay constitute the meat or filling inside the burger. The beginning and concluding paragraphs can be short. But the body of your essay should be substantial and contain about 3-5 paragraphs.

Choose a Topic

It is good to select a topic that you are interested in. Try to pick something with which people are familiar. For instance, everyone can relate to a topic about technology. After choosing your topic, filter it down to one central idea or thesis. You have to state your assertion about it and support it with relevant facts. For example, you can choose the topic, “Technology has changed our lifestyle.”

Prepare an Outline

After this, create an outline that will act as a guide while writing the essay. You can note down the main points that you are going to discuss to prove your idea.

Write the Introduction

It should contain the topic statement and grab the attention of the reader. For this, you can write a quotation, an interesting fact, or a question in the first sentence. After that, you should put forth your thesis or assertion that you will discuss and support in the course of the essay. For instance:

According to a reputed magazine, “One out of five US residents work from home.” Are you surprised? Technology has brought a major change in our lifestyle. People can work from anywhere and at any time. The concept of the workplace has changed entirely.

In this way, you can state a fact to grab the attention of a reader.

Write the Body or Middle Part

Each paragraph should have one main idea. There should be 2-3 statements or pieces of evidence to support it. Write a concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph to summarize the argument you put forth in the paragraph. For instance:

The location of the workplace has lost its importance. Earlier, workers had to use various means to arrive at the workplace, so the distance between home and the workplace made a lot of difference in the lives of the workers. Nowadays, neither the workers nor the employees need to be bound to a particular place. They can sit at their favorite spots and continue their work and earn. Robotics has made it possible to manufacture products with the help of machines. Therefore, whether you live in a city or a country, you can pursue your goals and earn money at your own pace.

You can note the examples given to support the main idea.

Write the Conclusion

Summarize your ideas in this section. In a hamburger, the two pieces of bun are similar. In the same way, the introductory and concluding parts of your essay should have a similar tone. You can restate the main ideas, the thesis, and finally, put forth a prediction for the future. What did I miss?

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