5 Classic Novels for Everyone

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Each one has their own reading choice. But there are some masterpieces of literature that have been popular for a long time. They have a mass appeal and are worth reading.

1. Moby-Dick

This novel that has been written by Melville did not receive a warm welcome on its arrival. It took some time to gain ground and appeal to the intellectual tastes of the public. It is about whaling in the 19th century. Many students find the whaling jargon boring. The book has an immense vocabulary of more than 17000 words, many about whaling. But it is worth reading the book because many of the things mentioned in “Moby-Dick” have become a part of the daily conversations, such as the terms “white whale” and “Captain Ahab” are from this book. The book is not just about hunting. It explores complicated ideas about morality and existence.

2. Pride and Prejudice

This literary masterpiece has provided a base and inspired several modern novels. It is a fabulous story written by Jane Austen about social classes, manners, personal growth, and marriage. The book portrays the relationship between two individuals who dislike each other and ultimately discover that they are in love. You must read the book for its impeccable language and humor.

3. Ulysses

It is a novel written by James Joyce. The book includes obscure jokes, wordplay, allusions, and personal ruminations. There are riddles, puzzles, and experiments that make the book fun to read. If you want to enjoy reading the book, read it lightly. You may have to refer to the internet to understand some parts of the book.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird

This novel appears to be simple but has a lot of depth. It is a story about racism written by Harper Lee. It portrays the unfair nature of the legal system. The book is narrated by a charming girl whose name is Scout. Her father Atticus, defends a black man who is falsely accused. You will find the book to be entertaining and also revealing of the horrors brought about by racist ideas.

The book is worth reading because it portrays ideas that apply to modern times. For instance, as Scout Finch grows up, she becomes aware that everyone is not as good as she thinks. There are plenty of subtle references to the culture of the present day.

5. The Big Sleep

It is a detective story written by Raymond Chandler. Many people feel that it contains old-fashioned jargon. The plot seems to be quite complicated, and many things do not get resolved. But it is good to read the book because of its template. The hard-boiled detective story writing form is a contribution of Chandler. If you hear “noir” or “hard-boiled” descriptions or dialog in the present times, they are imitations of this book. Another good reason to read this book is that the style of writing is very appealing. The book is like a tone poem. What did I miss?

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