Practicing Spelling and Writing At Early Age

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Most education specialists agree that you should guide your child into reading, writing, and debating from an early age. Yes, childhood is meant to be fun, but who said that reading stories and learning new letters can’t be? It all comes down to what you can do as a parent. 

The first communication method for young kids is mimicking, and it should be used to an advantage. If you notice that your kid is showing particular interest in your writing and reading, you should introduce them to these skills.  

The Role of Parents/Older Children in Early Age Spelling and Writing

Learning letters and recognizing these in words and phrases is a fantastic start for reading comprehension and fluent writing. Before we move on to the fun and effective methods for teaching your children to spell and write, you must know your children monitor you 24/7 (or at least during the period that they are awake). 

With that in mind, even the routine act of typing a text message can raise their interest in letters, words, and writing. The same goes for older children. Even better, if you are a parent of two, then you should be the one who will guide the younger kid into mimicking and taking part in the activities that their brother/sister does. 

Educators suggest that children are more likely to pick up on the habits of someone who is just a few years older. 

Early Age Writing – Fun Practices

It isn’t a secret that writing is probably the best way to express your feelings and emotions. Consequently, the same goes for children that are at an early age. By stimulating their creativity and uniqueness, you will make writing more accessible and a fun skill to learn. 

The best way to start is by allowing your child to draw and sketch whenever they feel like it. Furthermore, make sure that there is access to crayons and pencils at any point in time. Once you feel like they are ready to recognize and learn letters, you should guide them to write their name. 

All these activities are a fantastic way to spend some family time and help your child acquire new skills in the process. Lastly, if they already enjoy watching you write in your notebook, or prepare a list grocery shopping, allow them to join in on the fun.

Read and Discuss Books

The best way to prepare your kids for writing is by reading stories from their early age. The biggest mistake that parents make is not redirecting the focus of their children to their book. 

Thus, it would help if you stimulated them to run their finger below the words you are pronouncing and quiz them now and then to recognize a particular letter. Also, it can be quite fun to discuss the story and ask them to write down some of the letters or words that they remember.

Concluding Thoughts

The first step in teaching your kids how to write and spell is to show them that you do it too. Children at an early age focus on what is happening around them, so stimulating them to read and write is a fantastic method of preparing them for preschool activities.

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