55 Incredibly Trendy Nursing Graduation Party Ideas

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Amazing Graduation Party Ideas for Nurses You’ll Want to Steal

pair of women graduating from nursing school olding roses

Whether you’re getting your LPN, RN, BSN, ANRP, or anything in between and beyond, surviving nursing school is an accomplishment worth celebrating!

And yes, with a 1 in 5 national dropout rate for nursing programs, surviving is an apt description. Despite being one of 2021’s most in demand professions, it’s not for the faint of heart. Mental (and physical) strength, critical thinking, and a breadth of medical knowledge are just as important as compassion and empathy.

To say the least, nursing is hard work. It honestly takes a special kind of person to rise to the challenge. As such, obtaining a nursing degree is a milestone that calls for a celebration. 

Down below are 55 nursing graduation party ideas that will make it one for the books!


Nurse Graduation Party Ideas

Invitations & Announcements

Pill Bottle Silhouettes

nursing school graduation party invitation in the shape of a pill bottle with celebration details on faux prescription label
Via Kayladanelle.wordpress.com

I love these handmade invites, they’re creative and so cute! All the little details make this idea stand out–notice how the name of the pharmacy has been personalized.

Kayla used her silhouette machine to cut out the pill bottle shape, so if you have a Cricut you could easily create something similar. Read more about how she made them here.

Floral Nursing Invites

graduation party annoucment with pink and green floral elements on a white background for nursing school graduate
Via SweetStoryStudio

Graduating in the spring? Announce your grad party in style with a pretty floral design like this!

All the elements in this pretty design by SweetStoryStudio are editable–including the letters next to the caduceus symbol. The”RN” can be swapped out with BSN, LPN, or CNA.

Medical Scrubs

pink nurse scrub top card with name tag
Via Etsy/DressItUp4U (review from Jess Page)
medical scrubs card in green for graduation announcement
Via CallMeCraftie

These medical scrub look-a-like cards are beyond cute and fit the theme exactly. You can even pick the scrub top color to match your graduate’s favorite!

Retro Nurse Postcard Invites

vintage style nurse and martini postcard announcing grad party
Via Twitter/@TheCaringTimes_

The throwback style of these postcards sure is neat! Retro nurse and martini graphics are a perfect way to invite guests to your graduation party for a good time.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find who makes these *exact* invitations. But if you happen to know please leave a comment because I’m so curious!

Maybe they’re custom made? In any case, I’m sure you could DIY something similar!

Graduation Caps

RN graduation invite shaped like a graduation cap with a tassle
Via Etsy/KardsbyKaylee

It only makes sense to announce a graduation with a card shaped like a graduation cap. The fact that the other side looks like a degree is a really nice touch, too.

And if you’re feeling crafty, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to DIY! 

Rose Gold Invitations

Nurse graduation party invitation with rose gold caduceus symbol on a white background
Via Etsy/UnmeasuredEvent
rose gold and white nurse graduation announcement with photo on backside
Via Etsy/UnmeasuredEvent

And of course, you can never go wrong with a simple, elegant announcement like this! The design is timeless and sure to elicit compliments. And if rose gold isn’t quite the look you’re going for, it’s also available in yellow gold.



From classic to creative, to silly medical jokes and posh details, there are lots of ways to go about decorating for your celebration. The most difficult part might be just deciding!

RN nurse graduation party with operation game decor
Via Pinterest/@kdchil

A life-size game of Operation is a such a cool decor idea! It totally nails the theme, adds an element of nostalgia, and it can even double as a fun party game.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a DIY operation game. You can use the same concept and simply scale it up to create a giant version.

congrats nurse banner hanging over beautifully decorated buffet table
Via Pinterest/@liattyy

When in doubt, go with red and white. This color combination always works!

retro themed nurse grad party decor
Via Twitter/@BWoodenknife

Along the same vein, anything reminiscent of the old school nurse uniform is sure to be a hit. 

gold bucket with pens and prescription pad for guests to write notes
Via Twitter/@chexie04

A fake prescription pad is awesome alternative to a guest book! Alas, Knock Knock has discontinued that tear pad design.

However, these “Prescription for Success” cards capture the same vibe.

congrats sign decorated for RN grad party
Via Twitter/@noochomi

When it comes to decorating, never underestimate the power of string lights. They have a magical quality that’s so easy to incorporate.

blue and gold graduation party decorated table
Via Instagram/@enhancingtheparty

School colors are tried and true color scheme perfect for any post-graduation gathering.


Nurse Balloons

rose gold balloons that spell NURSE
Via Etsy/ZoeyChristina

If these balloons don’t scream instagram worthy, I don’t know what does!

They’re so pretty and make a nice backdrop, too. Everyone will want to take snap pics to remember the event.

gold balloons in the shape of the word nurse
Via Etsy/ZoeyChristina


Quarantine Graduation Confetti

confetti shaped like grad caps, hand sanitizer, masks
Via Etsy/@TriyaDesigns

Life is easier when you’re able to laugh at yourself. Make the best of current events with timely quarantine confetti like this.


Banners & Garland

gold glitter banner that reads congrats nurse jackie
Via Etsy/caketothetop

This sparkly gold banner looks AMAZING with all the greenery. It’s a tasteful pick no matter what kind of theme you land on.

string lights made of empty prescription bottles
Via Etsy/@MomoeMarketplace

Pill bottle garland is a great way to give old prescription bottles new life!

first aid pennant party banner
Via Etsy/RoyGBivs

This type of nursing school graduation banner is an ideal pick to compliment a throwback theme.

congrats nurse jen in pink letters on hanging banner
Via Etsy/anyoccasionbanners

Crisp letters and cute nurse cap graphics go a long way. This style of banner is always a popular pick!

burlap banner congratulating nurse josse
Via Etsy/IchabodsImagination

This banner is made out of burlap and I’m obsessed.


Food & Snacks

assorted nurse themed party snacks
Via Pinterest/@missheatherx3

Embrace puns with a fun candy buffet like this. It’ll entertain guests and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time.

graham cracker snacks made to look like mammograms
Via Twitter/@KoreyPeters

I couldn’t help but laugh at this snack idea, it’s definitely clever!

glass jar of gummy heart candy labeled as enlarged hearts
Via paperblog.com

If you want to use something other than candy, strawberries are another idea you can use for “enlarged hearts.” Tanghulu would really WOW.

RN  nurse party snacks laid out on table
Via Pinterest/@jlawtonberman

Thermometer pretzel sticks, bedpan chocolates, pee samples, jello shots – this RN grad party spread has it all!

jello flue shots and nurse themed cookies on snack table
Via Pinterest/@liattyy

Nursing graduation party ideas à la Pinterest never fail to deliver.

red and white nurse grad party decor on snack buffet table
Via Pinterest/@liattyy

I mean LOOK at this creative spread of finger foods, everything about it so picture perfect!

glass jar full of twizzlers marked as clogged arteries
Via Pinterest/@clr4

Nothing makes Twizzlers more appealing than comparing them to clogged arteries. 😉

cupcakes topped with nurse scrubs, medical items, and graduation cap decorations
Via Twitter/@ThirzahSlater

It’s amazing the depth of detail bakers create these days! These cupcakes are to die for, I don’t know that I’d want to “ruin” one by eating it!



apple juice in urine sample cups
Via Pinterest/@cheermeg20

Delight your guests with urine samples galore! 

silver platter with fake urine samples
Via Pinterest/@cuisinefetes

Apple juice is the popular liquid of choice to fill the specimen cups, but I’m sure there are more yellow drinks that would work. Perhaps mountain dew?

pitcher of water labeled as iv fluids
Via Pinterest/@jacklynn02

Yes, even water can be dressed up to fit the medical theme!



Nurse Uniform Floral Arrangements

decorative centerpieces for nurse graduation party with that look like mini nurse uniforms
Via Pinterest/@nursejenlee
centerpieces decorated in classic nurse uniforms for grad party
Via Pinterest/@nursejenlee

I cannot get over how CUTE these centerpieces are. I love how each one has its own stethoscope.  

Decorative Wine Bottle Coats

mini medical white coat centerpiece with various mini medical items poking out of the top
Via Pinterest/@amalmahfouz

Okay, these ones take the cake when it comes to nurse graduation party decor! The little wine coats are absolutely adorable.

Pretty Paper Crafts

paper cutouts of diploma, stethoscope, nurse hat, and syringe with red glitter accents
Via Etsy/FalcoClan

This lovely dowel arrangement is a no-brainer. Simplify your party supply shopping by getting the matching banner and cake topper.

small metal buckets, inside is red confetti and decorative nurse hat, RN on sticks
Via Pinterest/@kjohnson4444

This idea is DIY friendly and budget friendly. You can find mini buckets, crepe paper, and metallic shreds at your local dollar store!

shiny gold vase filled with heart shaped cookies on sticks decorated with EKG wave
Via Pinterest/@amalmahfouz

Show off those cookies that are almost too pretty to eat by arranging in a vase.

band aid lollipops arranged to create two-tier nurse party centerpiece
Via TheCulinaryCouple.com

These band-aid shaped cookies on a stick are simply darling. 

Textbook Stacks

stack of nursing school books with vase and "RN" block letters on top
Via Pinterest/@laroggeman

Textbooks aren’t cheap, take every opportunity you can to squeeze more value out them! Spruce up a stack with a flower arrangement plus giant mache letters and you’re golden.



In recent years, the popularity of photo booths at grad parties have EXPLODED. Which is probably due to how irresistibly instagram-able they are!

From unique selfies to priceless memories with friends, group photos of guests and more, a fun backdrop can add extra enjoyment to your celebration.

Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect nurse graduation party backdrop:

Giant Roses

young woman with red lipstick wearing red dress in front of backdrop made of white foam roses
Via thesorrygirls.com

Imagine making your post-nursing school debut with the air of elegance this backdrop delivers. It is straight up gorgeous.

Not to mention, the color would work seamlessly with any nurse themed party decorations.

And to top it all off:

You can easily make a giant rose background like the one above for cheap. How great is that??

The Sorry Girls really nailed it with this idea! Check out their DIY tutorial here or watch the video below for all the how to details.

Video: DIY a Photo Backdrop


Tassel Garland Photo Booth

colorful giant tassels strung together and hung diagonally across neutral wall
Via stylemepretty.com

You can go with an intricate backdrop, but there’s honestly no need to overthink it. Simple, colorful tassel garland is sure to be a huge hit.

Boxwood/Hedge Wall

green hedge wall decorated with pink balloons
Via Instagram/@lallier_event_design

Boxwood and hedge walls are suuuuper trendy right now.

two girls in white dresses smiling and posing in front of a graduation party backdrop
Via Instagram/@quinnowicki

You can even DIY one yourself if you’re feeling up to it! Here’s a tutorial with the how-to info. 

Balloon Grid

grid wall with gold and white balloons attached to create a photo backdrop
Via Instagram/@littlebrownnsuitcase

Minimalism is another in vogue trend you can tie into your graduation celebration. This balloon grid backdrop is certainly a sleek and sophisticated idea.


Party Favors

Blood Bags

bag o' blood gag party favor
Via Pinterest/@macywinegardner

Who doesn’t love a good party favor? Especially when they’re as cool as these gag blood bags.

You can fill them with strawberry soda or any drink you like! As long as it’s something clear you can add food coloring to make it red.

fake bag of blood filled with juice
Via Twitter/@DaemonsWriter


Blood bag body wash is a thing. And it’s kind of, pretty much a perfect graduation party idea for nurses.

Chill Pill Soap

colorful soap shaped like pills next to RX bag and fake prescription
Via Etsy/KcSoapsNMore

Aren’t these chill pill shaped bars of soap cute? This is one of my favorite party favor ideas for 2021.

You could wrap each on yourself with cling wrap or you can find individually wrapped chill pill soaps here.

First-Aid/Wellness Kits

plastic baskets filled with health care essentials like pocket kleenex and hand sanitizer
Via Twitter/@SchoolNurseT

Little wellness kits or gift baskets are a fun and unique party favor idea for a nurse graduation party!

Here’s what’s in the example picture:

  • Small first aid kit
  • Acetaminophen
  • Manicure set
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex
  • Antibiotic ointment

You can pick up plastic baskets like the ones pictured above at the Dollar Tree, as well the health care items.

But depending on how many guests you’re expecting, this idea could get spendy. Even if each items is $1.00 it adds up quick. So instead, you could include 2-3 items (like pocket hand sanitizer or tylenol packets) per kit.

Candy Band-Aids

chocolate and gummy band-aids

Choc-Aid and Gumi-Aid are an easy decision!

Dance Potion/Happy Pills

fake pill bottles with candy and mini graduation caps
Via Facebook/Touched by Farah
rx bottles next to party decorations and sign that reads "happy pills"
Via Etsy/QuantumLevelMischief (review from ionagross)
rx bottles next to party decorations and sign that reads "happy pills"
Via Etsy/QuantumLevelMischief (review from ionagross)
custom nurse grad labeled orange prescription bottles on gold table
Via Etsy/QuantumLevelMischief (review from Jessica)

“Happy pills” are a classic joke at nursing school celebrations. You can fill prescription bottles with mints, tic-tacs, m&m’s, or anything else small and roundish!

Snag some with custom labels here.

Syringe Jello Shots

DIY party favors, red jello in syringes with custom graduation labels
Via Etsy/QuantumLevelMischief (review from Allison Clauss)

No nurse themed graduation party would be complete without the JELLO “shots!” Even better, it’s an easy DIY favor.

All you need are these plastic syringes and a box of jello.

Prescription Chocolate

pharmacy chocolate cup party favors for nurses
Via Pinterest/@epark13

Chocolate is good for you, right? Send guests on their way with a prescription for happiness. 

Simply fill with the chocolate candy of your choice for guaranteed smiles! And for a more eco-friendly choice, opt for paper soup cups over styrofoam. 


women hugging and laughing at graduation ceremony

Final thoughts on party ideas for nursing school graduation

Nursing shortage headlines are plastered all across the internet and articles warn that the need for these important healthcare workers will only continue to grow. Those who are stepping up are making a real difference in the world.

I hope these ideas nurse graduation party ideas help you make the nursing student in your life feel celebrated and appreciated!





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