Healthcare Jobs in High Demand Amid the Health Situation

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When the coronavirus took the world hostage, seemingly overnight, no one expected it to last this long. Many states are hoping that rapid vaccination will bring an end to the global health crisis. However, the fight is far from over. We have seen that there are many healthcare jobs in high demand amid the global health situation. Of course, that is something to be expected at a time when the world needs healthcare workers the most.

Demand for healthcare workers continues in 2021

Looking at many best job listings, we can clearly see that medical professionals of all fields are in demand. These trends don’t seem to be going away. Last year showed us that many aspects of our everyday life had to be put on hold. Unfortunately, careers that cater to those aspects were left to fend for themselves. Many college students are on a quest not just for education but to make themselves more employable upon graduation. Choosing healthcare as a career path can be an excellent decision, as the need for healthcare workers and other support roles has only been reinforced by the coronavirus. Even if the world ends up sliding into an economic recession, we can still expect growth in the healthcare sector.

What are the most popular healthcare jobs in high demand amid the global health situation?

If you are considering a career in the healthcare sector, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Depending on your exact field of work, there will be more or less training and studying required. Explore your options and consider your current and previous background and education. Depending on what’s drawing you to a particular field, you can look at the median income or required level of education and training.

Regardless of what career track you pick, you will most likely be dealing with people and their problems, so a good deal of empathy and a deep desire to help people will get you far. Technical skills are often required from healthcare professionals, but that is expected since we live in a digital age. Constant learning of new techniques and approaches is needed to stay updated with the most recent advancements in treating patients.

Healthcare jobs that are currently in high demand:

  • Nurse practitioner – present almost wherever medicine is being practiced, from hospital emergency rooms to fieldwork with EMT. Nurses are the irreplaceable backbone of modern medicine. Nurse practitioners are practice registered nurses who offer advanced care to patients. They can diagnose and treat many illnesses by performing exams and prescribing medication and treatments.
  • Medical assistant – becoming a medical assistant is probably the fastest way to get into healthcare work. There are some excellent medical assistant courses in the Nashville area that start monthly, meaning you can begin pretty much anytime. Medical assistants tend to do a wide range of work, including both administrative and clinical tasks, like tracking patient information and measuring vital signs,
  • Respiratory therapist – patients who have trouble breathing are often assisted by respiratory therapists. The coronavirus outbreak has brought respiratory therapists to the forefront of most hospitals and clinics. Hospitals mostly have RTs working in the ER to help patients suffering from pulmonary diseases. They monitor both the natural and artificial airways of patients.
  • Healthcare manager/administrator – both doctors and hospitals need people to oversee and manage operations. Someone needs to make sure that everything is functioning correctly, and depending on where they work, managers can oversee entire departments or coordinate the everyday tasks of other healthcare workers. The global health situation proved just how necessary proper management of key resources is during times of crisis.
  • Home health aides – give supportive care to patients within their homes. Duties can range from meal preparation to medication administration, doctor’s appointments scheduling, and transportation. There is expected to be a high surge in demand for home aides due to the number of aging people with chronic illnesses.
  • Physician assistant – depending on where you choose to work, the requirements might differ, but a master’s degree is typically needed. Employment needs are expected to grow faster than for other occupations due to physician assistants being able to provide care in many healthcare settings.
  • Lab technician – responsibilities can vary a great deal ranging from diagnostics of patients to research in high tech facilities. Dealing with patients in person is rare, but some technicians are tasked with collecting samples.

How this has impacted the healthcare sector

Healthcare workers are on the top of the list of Essential Workers, according to the CDC. We have seen them included in the first phases of vaccine rollout. Doctors, nurses, and technicians are at the forefront of the battle with coronavirus. It makes sense that they were the first group to be treated. Another takeaway from this prolonged battle is that geriatric healthcare jobs are in high demand amid the global health situation. There will be even more need for those caring for the elderly since we are facing an aging population. By 2030, we are projected to have 20% of our population be aged 65 and over.

On the other hand, many healthcare workers dealing with elective procedures or diagnostics have been caught off guard by the health situation. Some have been out of work, but this is still just a fraction of what other industries have faced. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a high growth rate of 15% for healthcare professionals between 2019 and 2029. Professionals from pretty much any healthcare background will have an easy time finding well-paying jobs in the coming years.


As with many careers, there are ups and downs for those working in healthcare. The health situation proved that healthcare jobs in high demand amid the global health situation are almost recession-proof. Unfortunately, most healthcare professionals have recently struggled. Some have faced unemployment due to their chosen fields being put on hold, while others have been working tirelessly. The last year really has been turbulent for everyone. However, the current need for healthcare workers coupled with future projections makes choosing an occupation in the healthcare sector a safe and smart choice.

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