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One of the most challenging things to teach students is how to read and speak. In fact, learning the various sounds of the English language is one of the most essential skills that anybody can have. Without this ability, we would not be able to communicate with others. 

For this reason, teachers have a major task on their hands when trying to instill this information into young brains. However, researchers have recently discovered a new approach that makes this process much more manageable. 

In this article, we will be discussing word study instruction and what it entails. We will mention a few tips that educators can use to be as successful as possible when incorporating this approach into their lessons. 

What Is Word Study Instruction?

In the past, most teachers relied on the ability of students to memorize words. However, even though this has worked, it is not the most effective way of learning. This is especially true for students who struggle with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. 

Word study is an approach that teaches children how to read and speak through patterns and understanding the different layers of English orthography. Various activities can be used to promote this type of learning. For example, students may be taught to match single letters to different sounds. In this way, they learn about the relationship between the alphabet and sounds. 

Ensure That You Assess The Knowledge Of Students

The first thing that teachers should do when beginning to teach their students how to read is assess their knowledge. In other words, they will need to determine how much their students already know. This information will help them plan their future lessons and avoid reteaching certain sections.  

Teach Word Knowledge

When applying the word study approach, educators must teach students about word knowledge. This includes understanding precisely what the words mean, how they can be used, and where they come from. This will make it much easier for students to remember what they are taught, as they have a deeper understanding of their work. 

Concluding Thoughts

Instead of relying on students’ ability to memorize words, teachers have begun using the word study approach when teaching their students how to read and speak. This approach teaches children how to read and speak through patterns and understanding the different layers of English orthography. 

To apply this approach as successfully as possible, educators should assess the students’ knowledge beforehand. More so, they should teach word knowledge instead of simply providing the definitions of words.

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