Huge Opportunities in TEFL – right now.

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“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”
– Warren Buffett –

The person many financial publications consider to be one of the wealthiest in the world suggests that you see opportunity when and where other people are fearful of doing so.

You might want to consider this for the TEFL world.

Listen carefully – I am not suggesting that you endanger yourself – understand that first.

What I am suggesting is that people who are interested in teaching abroad, in the exotic land of your choice, get ready right now. Get your TEFL CV/resume ready, get your TEFL certificate copied and ready, get your photo professionally done, and organize your life so you can leave soon.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything has closed down, for almost a year now. Tens of thousands of teachers went home, no new teachers arrived, and when schools and countries reopen, those thousands of jobs will need to be filled. Schools will be looking for teachers. Looking for LOTS of teachers.

A World Frozen in Place

The author has lived and worked abroad for 30+ years and seen the situation on the ground abroad after civil unrest, tsunamis, bombings, uneasy political change, potential war, and more.

Today’s situation is reflected in the past. After civil unrest in Bangkok a few years back, many teachers left, new teachers didn’t arrive and that should be expected for Bangkok. But I was living on Phuket Island in the south of Thailand, more than 500 miles away and no one would go there to teach either! Even a year later, people asked, “Is it safe in Phuket?” It always was and the problems were a year ago and over 500 miles away!

A similar situation happened following the 2004 tsunami. Even a year later people hesitated to go there. People even hesitated to go to Chiang Mai, hundreds of miles away from the sea.

What happened at schools that needed teachers? They had a really rough time and they were happy to hire even unqualified teachers. A lot of teachers moved up to more advanced positions or even university/college teaching positions that might never have been offered before. Teachers negotiated much better deals than the year before. Get yourself a TEFL certification to make sure you can move to the front of the queue.

This will be the situation, almost everywhere, quite soon. Get ready!

We perceive such problems in other countries as being FAR worse than similar situations that happen in our own countries. It is just human nature to do so. We also all know that the media likes to make stories as exciting as possible. Keeps you on the page longer, gets more likes. And when it is “over there” – it just seems worse!

Here’s your Chance… Look for Opportunity

Do your homework, of course! Don’t walk blindly into a bad situation. Communicate with people on the ground and ask them specifically about the situation. If you wish to further maximize your options, look for opportunities in countries that have had some bad press.

What you will often find is that things are fine. And that there are jobs galore. That you are needed there.

Those jobs galore give you an opportunity to move up to a job you would not have had the opportunity otherwise and a chance to have more negotiating power when it comes to salary and benefits. An opportunity to try something new and different. Often at a higher level than would have been possible just one year earlier.

As the biggest TEFL job markets reopen in a few months – China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and more will have a huge need for teachers. More EFL teachers work in Asia, by far, than anywhere else, but this will be true around the world too, anywhere that a foreign language teacher will be needed.

I’ve seen this situation play out in Saudi Arabia, following the Al Khobar bombings in 1996. Also in 1995 when China was shooting missiles over Taiwan. In 2004 in southern Thailand following the Boxing Day Tsunami. Two years later again in Thailand following the military coup. And on and on. People get very cautious, go home and new people that were scheduled to arrive, suddenly change their mind.

The current situation with the pandemic means exciting opportunities for teachers are near.

No doubt this has been a very sad and difficult time for millions around the world. You can help things get back to normal by taking a close look at the opportunities soon to arrive. Teachers will be needed in great numbers. Students need your help, parents want their kids to learn English, college students need tutoring, businesspeople need your help to grow their careers. People will want to get their lives back on track, as soon as possible. And they will need you there to help.

These situations don’t show up all that often, but if you pay attention to world events, you will clearly see there are times to make your move. And that time is coming again, very soon. Don’t miss it.

If you would like some personal guidance about heading overseas to teach, use our contact page and we will help you find opportunity abroad.

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