The BOLD podcast: Episode one

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If we want to help children succeed and thrive so that they can reach their full potential, we need to understand their mental, biological, and emotional needs.

Join Sean Sanders, Director and Senior Editor for Custom Publishing at Science, as he interviews outstanding researchers in a broad range of fields whose work either directly involves the study of children and adolescents or has a significant impact in their lives. Each interviewee is also the recipient of the Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize, awarded by the Jacobs Foundation, that recognizes exceptional achievements in the field of child and youth development.

How do the brains of adolescents differ from those of younger children and adults? Does risk-taking behaviour in adolescents differ between boys and girls? How can parents and educators help adolescents understand their brains, the changes they are going through and how they can make better decisions? Listen in as Sean finds out the answers to these questions and more with today’s guest, Laurence Steinberg.

Laurence Steinberg is the Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology at Temple University, where he studies adolescent brain development and how adolescents make decisions, particularly involving risk-taking behaviour.

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