Paris College of International Education

Distance Learning – Education in the 21st Century

With the widespread availability of high-speed internet access in the 21st century, distance learning, sometimes called online education, has become a very real and widely accepted method of studying.  The coronavirus’s coming in 2020 saw online education stop being a study platform for small groups of undergraduate and graduate students and instead became the only platform!

Students are no longer required to move away from their well-defined support structures in order to obtain the necessary tertiary education.  Instead of worrying about living independently, they can focus all their attention on mastering the skills essential to ensure a secure financial future.

And speaking about their financial future, they are also graduating without the mountains of debt previously associated with higher education.  Without the overhead of brick & mortar classrooms to support, colleges can offer students degrees at a fraction of the cost they would have to shell out if attending a traditional school.

Paris College of International Education

One of this new breed of higher education institutions is the Paris College of International Education(PCIE).  Fully certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education, this fully online college offers degrees in Education and Business Administration.  However, the college plans to expand this range in the future.  They have all degrees from undergraduate (Bachelor), for under 5,000 euros, up to Ph.D., for less than 7000 euros.

In the words of Tasneem Alhasan from the United States, a current student of the college. 

“Great opportunity… Very happy and satisfied to be a part of a degree with such thorough grade A course content and skills that will stick with me throughout my career in Education. Self-paced and very ideal… Cannot wait to utilize this degree as an Educator.”

Whether you are just getting started in life or wanting to advance your career, distance learning may be an excellent option for your future!  Check out PCIE’s website for more details at



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