Student life in 2020: Work hard, wear pajamas

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Regardless of what 2020 threw our way, our poll results make one thing loud and clear: ya’ll are tough, resilient, and crazy-focused on your goals. You’re passionate about your pursuits and work diligently toward them, one pajama-clad day at a time.

1. This past semester has been rough

Maybe it was the pandemic, the election, or just a difficult course load—but most of you were feeling it this past semester. As you can see, you were definitely not alone. And if you haven’t noticed—you made it! Go give yourself a DIY spa day, stat.

2. You’re hustling

It’s not just school you’ve got on your plate—most of you are working too. You’re go-getters and you’ve got grit. Respect.

3. You’re into extra credit

While some of you feel there’s just no time for extra credit assignments, most of you are up to the task. Your reasons for taking on the extra toil vary, but mostly your grind is in the name of that singular, solid purpose—better grades.

4. You’re making your ancestors proud

The majority of you are the very first in your families to pursue a higher education. You’re making history in your families and remaking the landscape of higher education while you’re at it. Props.

5. You choose passion over paycheck

However much money may matter, most of you are still following your bliss before anything else. When it comes to your major, you’ve pointed your compass in the direction of whatever it is that most lights you up.

6. You’re serious about your program

Affordability and proximity to home were big parts of your decision in choosing where to go to school, but not as big as the quality of your program. Money and family matter a lot to you—but when it comes to your academics, you keep your eye on the program prize.

7. You believe in a college education

Most of you are invested in the idea of investing in your future by investing in a college education. And you don’t just believe in it, you go for it.

8. You’re in the kitchen

You’re tired of takeout and microwave pizza. The majority of you took your free time into the kitchen this year and figured a few things out. Here’s to eating better in 2021!

9. Cozy is your king 

Gone are the days where success wears a suit—or even a button-down shirt. Whether it was your jammies, your sweats, or your hoodies, you stopped settling for anything less than snugglicious this year.

10. You need a room of your own

When it comes to studying, you do best in your own space. After all, hitting the books in your jammies just isn’t the same at the library…

11. You miss just hanging out

You’re nostalgic for catching an hour here and there sunning on the lawn, bumping into buds, and scrolling through Insta alongside other humans on the quad. It’s those simple things that can be the most sweet.


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