How to Find a Job During a Pandemic

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For anyone looking for a job during the pandemic, the stakes just got a little higher. Some careers like hotel and travel industries have taken a big hit. Whether you lost your job or are a recent graduate looking for a new one, there are several tips that can help you find what you are looking for.

Look far and wide

The more ground you cover in looking for a job, the better your chances of landing one. You need to be willing to think outside of the box, and be open to new industries if your first choice is not available. If you had your heart set on the hotel/hospitality industry, for instance, you may need to pivot to another industry. Consider companies who have are experiencing success during this time.

Use online networking

In addition to personal connections, look to employment sites and online advertisements to see what is out there. Make sure to use your social media accounts to show you’re looking for a job. Start with your LinkedIn account, but move beyond that to brand yourself.

Consider creating your own website to market your talents and draw interest from a variety of employers. Networking can take time. This is a situation where you want to build relationships and see what connections you can make. This is a good time to find a mentor who could work with you in your chosen field. You should also start seeking out career advice from the many credible resources available online, like this.

Learn about the company

No matter where you decide to apply, do your due diligence and research a company before you reach out. In a market saturated with people looking for jobs, being able to talk intelligently about the company is a great way to stand out! Along with being well-versed in the company’s vision and motto, knowing the company’s management structure and even names of managers can get you a foot in the door.

Stay in touch

Communication is the key to finding a new job. From carefully proofreading your initial contact letter, to following up with a thank you note, the key to setting yourself apart from other applicants is communication. Make sure to maintain a pleasant and professional tone for all communication, and obviously proofread your writing.

Follow up with your contacts at a company at regular intervals, but do be careful that you do not over-saturate them with emails. Find the balance between looking interested, but not desperate.

Find new skills

Now’s the time to empower yourself and learn new skills. With the help of digital classes, you can learn new skills while avoiding the health risk of the pandemic. You can learn anything from business, cooking, or even computer science online. Make sure to check out the opportunities at Thinkful.

Take time to work on your soft skills too. Many job seekers ignore these soft skills, like good listening and communication skills. Working on developing these during the pandemic is a great way to use your time. Organizational skills are also essential to any work, and you can make yourself more marketable in that way, too.

Dream big

When everything feels as though it’s falling apart—there’s a good chance you’ll find ways to put the pieces back together in a different and more meaningful way. Pursue the interests that drive you! If you have always dreamed of making healthy meals for friends, now is the time to put that idea to work. If you want to try a business career, go for it. If you have always been interested in coding or landscaping or working for yourself, put your passions to work and dream big. The sky is the limit!

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