6 Tips On How To Be More Productive In Half The Time

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College life can be stressful. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a senior in your final semester, managing your time and multiple course loads can become difficult if you haven’t built the right kind of routine.

Nowadays, most college students are working while in school, so not only do you have to worry about getting your school work done on time, you have to factor in a working schedule. According to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, over the last 25 years more than 70% of college students have been working while enrolled in school.

Let me ease your mind a bit. It is definitely possible to balance a busy college course load with a full-time or part-time job. Here are some helpful tips to increase your productivity, in half the time.

Set a daily routine

Building a daily routine is vital for creating future success and increasing your productivity. Your goal should be to follow through with it every day. Even if your goals for building your daily routine are small, it’s important to start somewhere.

For example, a great place to start is getting up at the same time everyday. By doing so, you are prepping your mind and body, and teaching them to function efficiently at the times they need to. I recommend setting a time to wake up every morning and then building a consistent morning routine from there.

The more consistent you are with your daily routine, no matter how small, the easier and more natural it will become for you. By ensuring your mind and body are ready to take on the day, having a routine will help you take your productivity to a whole new level.

Plan to get a planner

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give is this: buy and use a planner. This is something your high school probably supplied for you, but now that you’re in college, it’s up to you! A planner will help keep you organized and sane.

A planner can help you map out your days, weeks, or months and make sure that all of your objectives are met. A planner allows you to do a mental dump of all the important information in your head, allowing more freedom in your day to spend on the things you want or need.

Grab some other time-saving tools

Carefully selecting a few tools that can help with your most time-sucking tasks can help keep your flow flowing. Think about where you generally tend to get bogged down and consider finding a tool that can amp up your efficiency in that realm.

Are you looking to manage and allot study times in your busy day? Do you have lots of tests coming up and little time to study for all of them? Chegg Study can be a great resource for you, offering homework help and assistance from experts in your field, creating a more efficient and productive way to study.

Are you overloaded with papers to write? Do you struggle with MLA or APA formatting for citations? Head to EasyBib and get help generating citations in half the time. Don’t waste time searching through the internet or rifling through textbooks. EasyBib offers a simple, hassle free way to create proper citations for your work.

Schedule time for yourself

Yes, one of the biggest pieces of advice we can offer is to purchase a planner, but what if there was something even more important?

Schedule time for yourself! This means scheduling time in your day to focus on your mental and physical health. Going to parties or enjoying the company of others is always a wonderful thing that helps to alleviate stress, but it is important to make sure you are taking personal time for yourself. Given all the time you spend working or completing assignments, it’s vital to check in on yourself and give yourself the much needed breaks or free time in order to maintain a healthy way of life.

Do you enjoy reading a book for pleasure, to escape and expand your mind? Or are you a gym rat who enjoys letting off steam by strengthening your body? Whatever the case, take time to recuperate and refresh, so you don’t burn out from exhaustion or lose heart in your path.

Set clear, attainable goals

Setting clear and attainable goals spells success for the future. Creating goals you can meet builds confidence and, after some time, will become second nature.

For example, let’s say you want to wake up early and spend the morning planning for the rest of the day, but you’re not a morning person. Don’t try and set your alarm for 6 a.m. right from the get go because this goal will likely be unattainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. You’ll end up losing confidence and wanting to give up on your goal entirely.

Instead, start with 8 a.m. every morning and slowly build to waking up at 6 a.m. Over time these small goals will help to create a consistent schedule, build confidence, and open up more time in the day to be productive.

Be flexible

Lastly, be flexible. Although this may sound like a contradictory suggestion since I spent the entirety of this post talking about building a routine and sticking with it, I cannot stress enough how important this is. One of the biggest struggles with building a routine is facing the moments when you cannot live up to it, or when something comes up that completely changes everything.

If this happens, the smartest thing to do is course correct and adapt to your new reality. Change is inevitable and a natural part of life, so it is important for us to be flexible and prepared for any changes that come our way. Being willing to accept and work with change is another way of building confidence as you move forward.

Be ready to roll with the punches and course correct when needed. Having a positive mindset will cut down on any setbacks and keep you working productively while saving you time. You can do this!

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