5 Helpful Websites on Reading for Teachers

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There are vast array of brilliant websites about reading that would help teachers of all stripes in their daily work. Some cover useful reading materials, whereas others dig into the science of reading.

There are simply too many websites to do justice to here, but here are five of the websites I have returned to regularly in the last few years:

  1. School Reading List. This website is my go to resource for book lists for all different phases. It helpfully offers an accessible site-map too and is a great start to hunting down reading materials.

2. Reading Rockets. Reading Rockets is perhaps the most comprehensive literacy website you will find. It has a wealth of reading-specific information that would be useful for every teacher. There is lots of distilled reading research too and an array of expert blogs.

3. Shanahan On Literacy. Professor Tim Shanahan is a reading expert and a prolific blogger. There is not an aspect of reading that is not explored on his blog and Shanahan’s skill for clearly communicating complex research is enviable. Follow him on Twitter here.

4. Read Oxford. Based at Oxford University, the ReadOxford website is a collaboration from the ‘Language and Cognitive Development’ department, which mediates cutting edge research on reading. Issues like dyslexia, vocabulary, comprehension, and much more, are communicated skilfully.

5. Research Rich Pedagogies – Open University. This website, brought to you by the OU team, including Professor Teresa Cremin, shares a wealth of research and blogs on the specific area of ‘reading for pleasure’. It shares interesting research on issues like teacher knowledge of children’s literature.

There are countless reading researchers, bloggers, websites, guidance reports and books, that this blog couldn’t possibly do justice to – but do add any of your favourites in the comments.

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