Debate Topics for College Students

Spread the love Are you an instructor or professor looking for debate topics for college students? Check out the list below. Social media sites are used for stalking instead of communicating. Torture is never justified, no matter the situation. How can peer pressure affect an innocent soul? Violent games should be illegal for teenagers. The … Read more

The Key to Detecting Misinformation? Your Own Curiosity

The classic book “How to Lie With Statistics,” first published in 1954, is probably the biggest bestseller of all time on how to make sense of numbers. But it has left a troubling legacy—leading to a distrust of all kinds of statistics, even ones that can help make sense of things like today’s global pandemic. … Read more

School Is Hard for Mobile Students. These Districts Want to Help.

Being the new kid in school is never easy. Students who move, especially during the middle of the academic year, must adapt to a lot: new classes, new textbooks, even a new social scene. And that kind of disruption can sometimes cause big academic delays. In Chelsea, Mass.—a mostly working-class suburban city just across the … Read more