A Thought About School Opening Recommendations For COVID

Broadly speaking, our recommendations as an organization would parallel those of scientists, medical experts, and sociocultural leaders in local communities. As of July, 2021, the CDC, for example, recommends the following (emphasis my own): Evidence suggests that many K-12 schools that have strictly implemented prevention strategies have been able to safely open for in-person instruction … Read more

Why You Should Become a National Board Certified Teacher

Spread the love There are several reasons to become a national board-certified teacher. Board-certified educators prove their worth in the classroom every day: Students learn more. A decade of education research shows that learners of Board-certified teachers learn more than their colleagues without Board-certified teachers. Research studies have also found that the impact of obtaining a Board-certified teacher … Read more

Online Tutoring in China Was Booming. Then Came a Dramatic Shift in Regulations.

China’s ballooning edtech market is suddenly deflating thanks to new government restrictions on lucrative private tutoring companies that serve millions of the country’s children. In mid-July, China’s government issued new regulations that drastically limit for-profit tutoring services and prohibit foreign investment in Chinese private education companies, reports Reuters. The new rules restrict both tutoring services … Read more

How to Become a National Board Certified Teacher

Spread the love Teachers seeking National Board certification undergo an extensive process after meeting specific prerequisites. Read on to learn about certification requirements and procedures and some resources for teachers seeking this certification. The National Board Certification Process for Teachers To be eligible for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification, you must be a … Read more

A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning [eBook]

Are You Ready To Take The Microlearning Leap? Microlearning isn’t a magic cure-all for your online training ills. However, many organizations leverage this versatile L&D approach to fill gaps, refresh knowledge, and increase employee engagement. It gives you the opportunity to quickly address personal pain points and transform complex topics into easily digestible modules. If you’ve … Read more

Schools Must Connect Learning to Real-World Experience. Service Learning Can Help.

As communities across the country prepare for the upcoming school year, there is cause for long-awaited optimism. Many students will be returning to the classroom with different kinds of skills and relationships built during an incredibly difficult year. They’ve expanded their hobbies and interests, navigated new technology and learned how to play a role in … Read more

How To Apply A Blended Learning Approach Remotely

Tips For Blended Learning In A Remote Work Setting Blended learning and remote training are two things you don’t typically think of together. By definition, blended learning happens partly online and partly in person—not an option for remote workers. Drawing on the benefits of both live class learning and online training, a blended learning approach … Read more

Books for Young Kids That Champion and Celebrate Diversity

Spread the love Here are several books that champion and celebrate diversity. It’s Your World Now! by Barry Falls  Ages: 3-7 years Introduces children to the concept of their individual potential and also gives children great advice about what to do when they are told that they can’t do something. This Love: A Celebration of … Read more